Polls, Quizzes, and Surveys are used to draw engagement from your audience and generate leads for clients. In many instances, winners aren't generally chosen from these types of campaigns, since they aren't set up like Sweepstakes or Galleries would be. However, if the need arises to choose a winner from the list of participants, here is how we recommend executing it.

Download the list of entries
Go to the Download tab in your completed campaign. Choose the dates you want to pull the data from. Leave the Start Date/Time: blank if you want to encapsulate the entire duration of the campaign. Click Download.

Open .csv file of the list of participants
CSV stands for Comma Separated Value and can be opened in any data analyzing software like Excel, or Numbers (for Mac). When opened in Excel, each row has a number associated with it in the left hand column. Use this to determine the "ID" of the participant you are about to pick in the next step.

Use Random.org to determine the winner
Random.org will allow you to determine a random number between two numbers. In this example, we have 653 entries, but our spreadsheet has a header row, so we excluded it by starting at 2. After clicking "Generate" it gives us a random number.

We use that number to line up the participant in our spreadsheet. So, who ever is in row 488 of our .csv file will be determined the winner.

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