Happy #FeatureFriday! With football season just around the corner, we're back with a great way to engage your local community and hit the hot zips you're looking for.

With gallery matchups, you can set up 'head to head' voting and let your fans give their input on one or the other. 

In today's example, we're specifically talking about High School Football games. You could run a "What High School Game Should We Broadcast?" matchup or let the listeners decide what High School Game your on-air talent should visit- whatever you can come up with!

Through this type of matchup, you can present options in your target locations and demos and meet your listeners where they're at!
And don't forget, you can always sell in sponsorships for all promotion types- the example above sold in four sponsors! The sky's the limit.
As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Client Success team with any questions at all.
Happy Friday!

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