Happy Friday!

Summer is the time for onsite activations, so pump up your promotion without needing any extra events! By utilizing our Geolocation bonus field, you are able to incentive your fans to visit a client's physical location, without having to pay the sometimes hefty hard costs of having a street team onsite.

All you need to set up a Geolocation bonus field is the latitude and longitude coordinates of the business. If you don't have these, there are plenty of online resources that will convert a street address to coordinates for you to use.

After adding in the bonus field, your fans will have the option to look up the location on a map, straight from the contest page! 

Geolocation can work for almost any promotion and almost any client. Whether it's a car dealership giving away concert tickets, an auto parts store giving away a new speaker system or a restaurant giving away a gift card- the opportunities are endless!

As always, feel free to message in using the chat function or email support@aptivada.com with any questions at all!

Have a great weekend!

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