This article details entry fields located in the Input Fields section of the Entry Form setup. For details on additional entry fields, click here. For further information on building an Entry Form, click here. Or click for further info on Repeat Types.

Input Fields

Input Field

A fully customizable text field for users to type a short response.

Input Date

A date-entry field, similar to the User Birthday field, but without a minimum age restriction. This field comes in handy for children's birthdays, anniversaries, and other dates that don't involve a minimum age restriction for entering a promotion.

Input Number

A customizable field for users to type numbers only.

Input Paragraph

A fully customizable text field for users to type a relatively large response (compared to the Input Field noted above). You may choose a character/word limit, as well as the height of the text field visible on the entry form.

Input Dropdown

A fully customizable dropdown menu for users to select options that you create.

Input Checkbox

A customizable checkbox for various agreements or opt-ins. (For email/newsletters opt-ins, see User Opt In in the User Fields section. To have users agree to legal terms and conditions, see Agree to Terms in the User Fields section as well.)

Input Radio

A multiple-choice list of options for users to select from, in which all options are continuously visible (in comparison to the Input Dropdown, noted above, where options are hidden until clicked on).

File Upload

A file-upload field for users to submit text-based documents and image files (such as .doc, .txt, .pdf, .jpg, etc.).

Gallery Submission

A file-upload field for users to submit a variety of media, including images, audio and video files, Youtube links, as well as media pulled from Instagram and Twitter hashtags. Accepted media formats and file sizes can be found here.

*For more information on how to manage your gallery submissions, click here.
*For more information on how to create a gallery promotion, click here.

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