If you're on a parent account (market level), you can create a syndicated campaign. After creating a campaign on a parent account, if you click on More Settings and scroll down you will see the Syndication Type button with two options to choose from: Hosted and Template.

Here is how each one works:


  • Maintain settings permissions from the parent (market) account

  • View aggregate stats from all accounts running the promotion

  • Download a CSV of all participants across all accounts running the promotion

  • Pick an overall winner of the promotion

  • Hosted promotions are used once and done

  • Great for running corporate or national promotions


  • Once a template is built, the settings are maintained by the child (station) account

  • No overall aggregate stats

  • No CSV download available of overall participants who entered a promotion created as a Template

  • No ability to pick an overall winner of the promotion at the top level

  • Templates can be reused over and over again

  • Great for simplifying contest setup

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