Step 1

When initially creating a new promotion on a parent account (i.e. the market level), you’ll be presented with a pop-up asking you to name the promo and add a prize text. Below that, at the bottom of the pop-up, you should also see a section asking you to select the syndication type.

To create a syndicated promotion, select the "Hosted" option. To learn more about the difference between a Hosted Promotion and Templates check this article out!
What's the Difference Between Hosted and Template in a Syndicated Promotion?

Step 2

Continue building the promotion the way you normally would. (Pro Tip Use Short Codes to dynamically pull in child account information.) Once you are ready to give individual child accounts access to the contest, go to the Syndication tab in the upper-right corner.

Step 3

After clicking the Syndication tab, you will be taken to the Syndication page where you can install the promo to your child accounts, as well as control what they are allowed to edit or not.

Step 4

Near the bottom of the page, you should see a drop down button titled Batch Operation. The two most important tools in this drop down menu will be:

Download All From Selected: Instead of having to download a separate CSV for each account, you can download an aggregate list of all entrant data from all child accounts in a single CSV.

Choose A Winner From Selected: If a winner will be chosen from the aggregate list of entrants from all accounts (the same list as mentioned above), this batch tool would be the way to do it. Rather than choosing an individual winner for each account, a winner will be pulled from the list of every entrant in every account that ran the promotion.

Important Notes

Any changes made on the parent account (the market level), should appear at the child accounts as well. However, any changes made at the child account level will only change that individual account's promo. Changes will only move down, not up.

Of course, feel free to chat, email (, or call us (801-901-2011) when creating your next syndicated contest if you run into any questions or would like to walk through it all in real time. :)

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